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The Band - Slick Nick Lovestick
Slim Steve Carbuncle Slick Nick Lovestick Slim Paul Carbuncle
Slick Nick Lovestick
Instrument   Drums & English horn  
Age   23  
Favourite drink   Steve's tea  
Best chat up line   "My name is Nick... remember that, you'll be screaming it later"  
Earliest memory   Donna's left breast... Form 3  
Ugliest part of the body   Gills  
Favourite Natalie Imbruglia song  


So, when's your birthday?   This year it falls on March 9th  

Favourite band

  The Plums  
Least favourite band   The Chris De Burgh Band  
Favourite word   Clump  
Bestest present ever, ever, ever...   The gift of rhythm - though I seem to have worn it out  
Favourite soap opera character   Nasty Nick Cotton  
Any special talents?  

Fluent Spanish swearing. ˇEstás lleno de mierda, pendejo! ˇNo me friegues!

Would you like to recommend a website for the kids to visit?   No  
Favourite punchline   I never met anyone from Lesbia before!  
When the pikey women kick off at a gig, which song do you find best for calming things down?   'Sweet home Alabama'  
Dream sparrow   A scruffy old house-sparrow, all bedraggled from the bird-bath.  
What do you look for in a woman?   Peristalsis  
Name a chord beginning with E   Eh?  
Where did it all go wrong?   At birth  
Which Suffolk parish comes to mind when you hear the word 'chin-strap'?   Monks Eleigh  
Favourite gardening tool   Slim Steve  
Reason to be cheerful   Aviation fuel.  
Your most inspired lyrical offering   "I get blisters on my hand, I'd like to join a different band"  
Recipe for love   Barium and custard  

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