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Made in England
© Belinda Carbuncle

Martin MARTiN
Another top pop band and close personal acquaintances of ours. One of them is called Paul too, amazing eh? He's taller than our Slim Paul, and answers to the name Tall Paul. I mention this just in case there are any would-be pop bands out there struggling for inspiration in choosing pop-star sobriquets.
Foamers The Foamers
SIX PINTS NONE THE WISER, funky new site. We like the Foamers cos they used to play at the Cap (R.I.P.) and cos "Shithole" is still Slim Paul's top song-to-do-the-washing-up-to, and apparently Slim Steve went to school (sometimes as often as twice a week) with Chris Foamer, but they probably didn't play with each other...
Warriors The Warriors
Oi Saxby - we know where you live. Errm, oi Arthur, we know where you used to live.
MPA Morgan's Puff Adder
Hey chicks, it's Mafro's pants! And hey chaps, look out! That Mafro's a bird-nicker!
Vackra bilder! Lisa's page
The only bit of culture ever to grace our pages.
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee The world's smallest website
Worth a visit for the pong game.
Pride of Orpington The Griswalds
Fine punk melodies all the way from The Other Side of Kent.
Wheeee! Partisans! The Partisans
Partisans are back! Partisans are back! Partisans are back! Partisans are back! Partisans are back! Partisans are back! Partisans are back! Partisans are back! Partisans are back! Partisans are back! Partisans are back! Partisans are back!
"Quim" says Buffy Swear-along-a-Buffy!
I fear I shall never tire of Buffy's swearing keyboard. "Z" is inspired.
Werrt up, Kim Shocking Kim Wilde revelations!
Apparently "her clematis hangs in great fingers from the woodwork of her pergola". The mind boggles. She's never been the same since she split up with Dick 'What You Doing In Bombay?' Crippen. According to DJ Pete, who hails from such dodgy parts, Dick 'Her Fruit Is Forbidden' Crippen now runs a recording studio near Dorking. Thanks Pete.
Brooke Wonders Brooke Wonders
Go on, ask Brooke for a joke! Politely, of course. In fact, it's probably best to offer one of your own in exchange. I sent her Riby's cabbage joke, but without falling paws-first onto her chest. Where is Riby, by the way??
me&dOug me&dOug [broken link]
Life in Tunbridge Wells? 'Twas here that as a child Slim Father Carbuncle did utter his first joyful cacophony. Aaaaahhh. He's not allowed back.
Joy in abundance, them Thespians In Tight Shorts are still alive! We humbly bow before the songwriting talent which induced Slim Paul to steal their set-list from the Cap floor...
TOTL Temple ov thee Lemur
We believe.
Happy Dan Dan
Dan drinks beer with us. Dan drinks more beer than us. Dan likes beer. Dan is usually very smiley and jolly. This is a picture of Dan without beer.
who else Sven Jurgenson
Punk legend.
Derrrrrrrrrrero Derrero
Handsome Dave's band! They're a real pop group, and they're artists too. Once upon a time Handsome Dave was in our band when we were Angela Hirst, and he was in Seventh Seal with Slim Steve, and he was in the Shady Gentlemen before that, and now we're very proud of him cos he escaped to Wales and got a van. Be careful, you Welsh folk, cos when Dave gets drunk he'll put you in a litter bin...
MSIS Mummy Says I'm Special
Punk & Oi Punk & Oi in the UK
Lots of noisy stuff, luverly.
Mine's a Guinness The London Unity
Us at the pub.
UKbase UKbase
The home of unpopular UK music. Three cheers!! Sadly, the piss-poor Belinda Carbuncle are too unknown and too unnecessary to ever achieve the dizzy heights of unpopular.
Bringing you Crabble wherever you may be Dover Athletic
Sheeeeearer! Sheeeeearer!
Ahh! Pansy Pictures of John & Susie's cats
and some movies too, ahhhhhhh.....
Kontrol Kontrol
Stuff to read whilst musing to yourself "Thank fuck the world has never heard of Belinda Carbuncle". Ooops, now Kontrol's been run out of town. It wasn't us, we're nice.
Gigbite Gigbite
Many things here.
Harry May Harry May
The finest record label in England for Punk 'n' Oi! What's his name?
Time Team Time Team
Yep, it's true, our beloved equine beauty Carenza (swoon!) did indeed come to Canterbury over the bank holiday weekend. Sadly, she appeared not to notice that we were there, peering into her trench...
Help4Bands Help4Bands
Things and stuff and that.
I love Hjo Hjo
It's in Sweden. Look, there's Slim Paul, in the corner of the Hamnkrog, sipping fizzy perry.

I killed Todd Landers
Slim Paul's deepest darkest secret...
[Temporarily withdrawn - too disturbing by far]


Nuurrrrrssssse! I've taken a tumble - help me up