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Made in England
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The Band - Slim Paul Carbuncle
Slim Steve Carbuncle Slick Nick Lovestick Slim Paul Carbuncle
Slim Paul Carbuncle
Instrument   Bass  
Age   Yes  
Favourite drink   More Guinness please  
Best chat up line   "I'm in a pop band"  
Earliest memory   I've forgotten  
Ugliest part of the body   My inner soul  
Favourite Natalie Imbruglia song  


So, when's your birthday?   October 4th, every year  

Favourite band

Least favourite band  

The Warriors, the poofs

Favourite word   Topiary  
Bestest present ever, ever, ever...   My Tenpole Tudor T-shirt  
Favourite soap opera character   Miss Diane  
Any special talents?   Yogic flying  
Would you like to recommend a website for the kids to visit?   This one is disturbing  
Favourite punchline   Half-Algerian!  
When the pikey women kick off at a gig, which song do you find best for calming things down?  

'Young nuns on WD40'

Dream sparrow   A cute little tree-sparrow, with a black spot on each cheek and a chestnut crown.  
What do you look for in a woman?   A spare kidney  
Name a chord beginning with E   E  
Where did it all go wrong?   When they took away my gripe water  
Which Suffolk parish comes to mind when you hear the word 'chin-strap'?   Spexhall of course  
Favourite gardening tool   Dibber  
Reason to be cheerful   The selfless devotion of a good wolverine.  
Your most inspired lyrical offering   "Oi"  
Recipe for love   Six pints and a phrasebook  

Next pop-star please