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Made in England
© Belinda Carbuncle


Ten things you didn't know about Belinda Carbuncle!

1. Slick Nick doesn't sit down to play the drums - he really is that short.

2. Slim Paul was that person at school who always drew a knob and bollocks on the chairs.

3. Soundman Rob has the highest sperm-count, exceeding that of a whole herd of horny bull elephants.

4. Slim Steve is very proud of his football, but he still holds it in for photos.

5. Zit the Alien's great-great-aunt once ran a bed & breakfast in Cork - consequently Zit is eligible to play for the Republic of Ireland.

6. Slim Steve has a butterfly tattoo on his left ankle.

7. Slick Nick uses make-up to achieve that cleavage.

8. The capital of Uruguay.

9. Each of the chaps secretly moonlights in other pop outfits - Slim Steve performs alongside Bone in The Limping Kidneys, Slim Paul struts with the stars in Large Wife, and Slick Nick pounds a hellish beat for Death Skunk Breath. Imagine if anyone found out.

12. Belinda Carbuncle are inumerate.

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