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Made in England
© Belinda Carbuncle

Scrapbook - Photos
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Slim Paul attempts to do his impressions of Wallace and Grommit at the same time Belinda Carbuncle demonstrate how to behave should you find yourself on a plummeting aircraft Wanker
Wanker Pissed wanker Wankers
Steve's old brown car, R.I.P. Wanker, pissed The Plums (top pop band)
Errrr, wanker Prize wanker Buz, groupie to the stars
Good Squirrel: "Save the trees and be nice and stuff", Evil Squirrel: "Ooooh baby, you feel so gooood inside me" Chuck Fukkin Berry Carol tries to work out how many pints Slim Steve drinks each gig!
Stevie 'Hard As Nails' Carbuncle, earnestly growing chest hair Belinda Carbuncle on tour... Soundman Rob and DJ Pete both hard at wank Slim Paul admires Humphrey's bulging front end
Home, once... Slim Steve and Craig tie the knot at last Slim Steve caressing a Finnish beauty
Slim Paul and Frida, heading north Two sugars, love New boots and panties?
The Bootleg Buncles (our Welsh tribute band) Slim Steve meets Susanne over a luxury sandwich. They discuss hedgehogs, mostly. Within months, Steve has learnt the Swedish for "Stop cutting your own fringe" and "Are you eating flies off my shirt again?" Six pints none the wiser
Slick Nick 'You Can Tell By The Way I Shave My Palms' Limpstick Slim Paul (left): undercover dancing with Elvis (alive, with lager) Later that evening, while Elvis slept...
Satan told me to saw my sister in half Slim Paul, some bloke out of Ultravox, and Dave the Janner, on the trail of wolverines in Trollskogen Nice sock
Wert up! Breakfast Pop Idle
Caravan's amp (honest!)... from Canterbury Scene to, umm, just outside Canterbury Ant on the bongo: The Swan, Little Chart, 31 Dec. 2001 "And here's another song about Slick Nick"
Hmmm Domestic bliss Slim Paul (thinly disguised) caught serenading Pink Teddy
Just popping out for a swift half Young Slim Steve and Handsome Dave, long before electric guitars were invented Poser, posing
It's alright, he wipes the coin-slot clean afterwards Slick Nick traps his Lovestick in the snare-drum... Kylie!
Nicky Wicky, way back when Bad velcro day Would you let this pair in to read your meter (Madam)?
Knobbly-kneed bass-bladger in alien abduction mystery shock horror truss G-major etc. Even pop-legends need pore-cleansing tips Sex God
I can explain everything... Belinda Carbuncle enjoying a day-trip to Folkestone "And it was upon this very spot in 1865 that Slim Great-Great-Great-Grandfather Carbuncle was hung for sheep-stroking"
Inspiration strikes Slim Steve Inspiration strikes Slick Nick and Slim Paul simultaneously And the frog went "Errrrrrrrr?"
Insert caption here Blessed Mary, Saviour of the Cardinal's organ .... and some other old relics from the Cap
I miss my pub The Heavenly Ceiling Born to drum
Slim Paul doing a frighteningly accurate DJ Pete impression DJ Pete doing the same A drab picture maybe, but this is the only known photograph to capture Slim Steve at any degree of latitude north of Dartford
Slim Father Carbuncle explains the wonders of genetic inheritance Culture and Lovestick, together at last I'm out of here, get me a celebrity
Completely normal August 1994: as the ever popular Belinda Carbuncle take to the stage at The Richmond, a crowd begins to gather (mostly near the exit) Slim Father Carbuncle's birthday bash, Feb. 2004, sunny Thanington Without

Separated at birth
Uncanny! Uncanny!! Uncanny!!!

Us with the queen of pop herself
"Circles in the sand and rand and rand, oi oi, etc." "Liiiiive yooooour liiiiife beeeee freeeee, oi oi, etc."

New digitally enhanced more-gorgeous-than-ever Carbuncles...
Jesus Christ... THE RIGHT STUFF  

The Grand Swiss Tour
The Grand Swiss Tour: The Spindle, Engelberg, 15 Feb. 2002 Two seconds later - a different chord! And of course the third and final chord (A#m9? Don't try this at home)
A particularly ghastly rendition of "The Frog Song", as Craig and Slim Steve pause to catch flies upon their sticky tongues, Slim Paul momentarily thinks he spots his Mum, and Slick Nick tragically begins to deflate. Ant's hand wanders, quite accidentally Slim Paul kindly shares some pop-star sweat with Pete, mmmmmm
Slim Steve tells the one about righting an upturned sheep Too much Bryan Adams A milestone moment in the otherwise drab life of Slim Steve... Engelberg, birthday, wet, pissed.
Dan and Debs in pop heaven Pffffffffffttkkptpghhh A birthday wish come true
Slim Steve mobbed by crazed fans disguised as skiers My first Belinda Carbuncle gig Cake joy!!!
Disco girls They just followed us from Gatwick, officer The Langered Ski Instructor Congo, very popular round these parts
Slow dance Top pop star? Swiss cow T-shirt containing secret Swiss cow coded message (not yet fully deciphered - something about storing cream at room temperature)
The brothers Carbuncle get up dead early for a soundcheck. Lovestick is nowhere to be found. Tssk. Disco boys "Again! Again!"
Which one to ask out this time? Look! Our poster! With support from the legendary Step[h]an Eic[quim], no less The Dancing Swiss
Exclusive behind-the-scenes footage: drummer being useful Our local support band, Engelberg Buncledink The sun sets on The Grand Swiss Tour (sniff)

Photo credits: us, our folks, various exes, Dr Diffident, Peder Cowpunk, Nasty Nick, Jules, Susanne, some photo-booths, Scoffa, Craig, Marie, Humphrey, and the Romney Marsh Research Trust. Cheers all.

I don't like it down here, I want my mum