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Scrapbook - Fan photos
Dear anyone and everyone,
Fancy joining these pillocks of society in our fan gallery?
Send us your pictures and we'll stick 'em somewhere!

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A noble Lord of olde doth wear ye cloth of Belinda Carbunckle And the Lord said unto Mary, God they're shit!  
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh............ Our Kev, bless 'im  
Alfred the Great, all round top geezer Much to The Doctor's dismay, it appeared that throughout the awesome vastnesses of time and space the humble Belinda Carbuncle shirt had never been available in a frilly gaylord stylee.  
OI OI TINHEAD As one of many proud owners of the Belinda Carbuncle "Work-Out Tape", Davros clearly illustrates what profound health benefits can result from the band's "Wank Yourself Fitter" regime.  
That's her, officer - she nicked our name! The legendary Belinda Carbuncle World Tour t-shirt - so funky every bastard wants one  
Young Bob epitomized punk-rock cool, apparently. So did Slim Father Carbuncle, but with bigger winklepickers. Jorge Luis Borges - scholar, gentleman, master of faction. Who better to relish posthumously the unreliabilities of digital manipulation? þæs ofereode, þisses swa mæg!  
Kathy off Emmerdale. Sweet as pie you'd think, but Slim Steve says she's horrible in real life. Of course, she says the same about him. Mrs Zoe Carbuncle. One day...  
Maddy, top pop baby (and much more punk than us) Looks suspiciously like the Chuckle Brothers. Serves us right for encouraging fan photos.  

Nuurrrrrssssse! I've taken a tumble - help me up