A Song for Europe

There's no signs to Folkestone any more
They all say Channel Tunnel, ain't that what Folkestone's for?
It's just another stepping stone to further the ambition
Of greedy politicians and their Eurocratic vision

Don't want to be governed by a Nazi crank
Don't want to put my money in the Bundesbank
Don't want to be a puppet in a superstate
Just cos smarmy fukkin Tony wants to be great
Well keep on sucking up mate, they'll give you a Mercedes
And they took away quarantine so we can have their rabies

Oh I'm a spotty scruffy git and I'm a noisy little shit
And I'm a million other things but I ain't a European
I'm here in Maidstone, I'm Steve's brother
I'm this, I'm that, I'm one thing and another
I'm everything I can think of but I ain't a European
I'm fairly sober, I'm fairly tall
I'm trying to play bass and my name's Paul
I'm skinny, I'm skint, I'm something but I ain't a European

Belinda Carbuncle

Slim Paul says: But now I'm almost a Swede...

Slick Nick says: And I'm learning how to swear in Spanish...

Slim Steve says: And I'm never leaving Kent again.