You are very pretty indeed
And I think you're the one ooh baby you're the one for me
Oh hey hey hey I suppose I shouldn't say that you give me the horn
But you give me the horn
You to me are Doris Day
Come to Herne Bay with me and gently say
"Whip crack away!" in my ear and I will kiss your feet
Cos you are very pretty indeed

But bits fall off you when I touch you
And I don't mind telling you it worries me
Bits fall off you when I touch you
And I don't mind telling you it worries me considerably

A hearse a hearse my kingdom for a hearse
A nurse a nurse it's getting worse and worse
Oh hey hey hey if they take the spoon away
I know the medicine won't work it will not work it will not work
I know a girl a lovely girl she can even read and write
And she makes up in other ways for what she lacks in height
She's got no history and swears no kind of vice
And when it comes to thinking I know she don't think twice

My father had some fishes and my mother had an egg
A bubble burst around me and I landed on my head
Should've give me to the lady instead

Belinda Carbuncle

Slim Paul says: She must be in her nineties by now, bless 'er. I think she lives with loads of cats and dogs cos she doesn't like people, so she probably won't appreciate this love song. Oh Doris, will you ever be mine?? I named my old Metro after you and everything.

Slick Nick says: None of our songs are very good. Some of them are particularly bad.

Slim Steve says: This insight is under construction.

Soundman Rob says: I like this one, it sounds like U2.